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TS-IR Thermal Scientific IR Camera

The TS-IR Thermal Scientific Infrared Camera Series is IP67 rated and optimized to provide the most accurate and sensitive thermal images. 

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Workswell Low Cost Thermal IR USB3 camera

The Workswell range of low cost thermal IR cameras are user friendly USB3 cameras for machine vision applications.  Customers can choose from 3 FLIR detectors with frames from 9 Hz or 30Hz

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A top of the range IR spectrometer, showing the smallest footprint in the market for its class, the highest data acquisition speed (>1000 spectra/second) and excellent resolution (3 nm) for a broad detection range in the IR (900 - 1700 nm).

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Distributor of cameras, lasers, imaging solutions and now a supplier for forensic science equipment

We supply a range of cameras (including CCD cameras, CMOS and sCMOS cameras, streak cameras, intensified cameras) into low light level, high speed vision and imaging applications as well as high technology lasers and laser components into the fields of machine vision, life sciences, military, aerospace, semiconductor, pharmaceutical and scientific research.

We also supply advanced scientific imaging solutions primarily into the area of biophotonics.

We are now also supplying Forensic science equipment to the UK and Irish police forces.


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